Duna Brewery IPA Range: A Unique Variety of Flavors

Duna Brewery IPA Range: A Unique Variety of Flavors

WEST COAST IPA : Our classic IPA since the brewery's inception. Bright and expressive hop character, typical of the West Coast IPA style.


HERBAL IPA : Created in late 2022. Unique with its herbal and herbal aroma, the green label symbolizes the natural and herbal character.


COLD IPA : Our newest addition to the IPA range. The combination of rice flakes, Mosaic and Saaz hops, as well as orange peels has created an unforgettable and distinctive taste. Ideal for those looking for new flavors.


Brewing Process and Flavor Profile

Each ingredient in our COLD IPA has been carefully selected to create a smooth texture and rich flavor. Rice flakes provide lightness, Mosaic hops provide depth and complexity, Saaz hops provide nuanced bitterness, and orange peels add a fresh citrus note.

Our Story and Vision

Duna Brewery is more than a brewer. It is a story of love for the art of beer, tradition and innovation. Our goal is to create beers that leave a lasting impression. Each type of beer is created taking into account the wishes and interests of our customers.

COLD IPA - New in our beer range

COLD IPA is the result of our desire to create new, high quality flavors. It combines the aromas of the orchard with the freshness of orange and the nuanced bitterness of Mosaic and Saaz hops (IBU: 32), making it a great choice for beer lovers.

Written by DUNA Brewery Admin