Meet: Our New Gooseberry Gose - Synthesis of Tradition and Innovation

We, Duna Alus Darītava, are proud to announce our latest beer brew - Goose Gose. This beer is the culmination of our love and craftsmanship, a unique taste experience that embodies our commitment to creating innovative and memorable brews.

Where Does Our Story Begin?

The story begins in the fields of Saldus county, Jaunlutriņu parish, where red and green gooseberries are grown for our Goose Gose beer. These gooseberries are the heart of this beer - they give a natural, fresh and slightly sweet and sour taste.

What Makes Our Gooseberry Gose Special?

Our Gooseberry Gose stands out with its unique "kettle sour" brewing technique. This method allows us to precisely control the level of acidity, creating a beer that is both clarifying and full of character. Himalayan salt and coriander add a nuanced flavor to the beer that complements the sweet and sour bouquet of gooseberries.

Why Choose Our Gooseberry Gose?

Our Gooseberry Gose is more than just beer - it is a story of local flavors, traditional brewing art and a modern approach. It is created to give a pleasant surprise to every beer connoisseur - both those who are looking for something new and fresh, and those who appreciate classic flavors.

We invite you to discover and enjoy our Gooseberry Gose beer - a beer that has been created with love, care and passion. Join us on this journey of flavors and let our Gooseberry Gose take you to new horizons of beer enjoyment!

Written by DUNA Brewery Admin

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