GOOSEBERRY GOSE (red and green gooseberries) 4.4%


Gooseberry Gose, brewed with red and green gooseberries grown in the Saldus region.

Unique Flavor Profile

Our Gooseberry Gose is created to combine traditional beer brewing techniques with modern flavor innovation. When developing this beer, we have used the "kettle sour" technique, which gives the beer a slightly sweet and sour taste. This method allows for precise control of acidity levels, giving each beer a refined and balanced profile.

High-quality local ingredients

The heart and soul of our beer are gooseberries, which come from Z/S "Mucenieki" in Jaunlutriņi parish. These fresh and aromatic berries provide the beer with a natural sweetness and acidity. We add wheat and barley malt to them, which creates a soft and pleasant texture.

In addition to Flavor Nuances

We also add coriander and Himalayan salt to enhance the beer's flavor profile. Coriander gives the beer a light citrus and floral note, while Himalayan salt brings out the acidity of the berries and gives the beer an unusual depth.

Storage and Serving

The optimal storage temperature is from +2 to +20 degrees Celsius. This range of temperatures ensures that the beer remains fresh and full of flavor.

Water, wheat malt, barley malt, green and red gooseberry juice, coriander, hops, yeast.

The composition

Water, wheat malt, barley malt, red and green gooseberry juice, coriander, hops, yeast.