DUNA BLOG #2 DUN' 23 Festival - Powerful Moments and Unforgettable Adventures!

🎉 DUN' 23 Festival - Powerful and Unforgettable! 🎉


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Thanks to everyone who was there and enjoyed the DUN'23 festival. We experienced music full of emotions and a true celebration of life! The festival took place from July 20 to 22 and left unforgettable memories in each of us.

On Thursday, we started with the Ferrari Tour of Latvia 2023, which surprised the spectators on its way with its impressive cars. In the evening, the band " Windy Temper " charmed music lovers with their exciting performance.

On Friday, pianist Dainis Tenis and Aija Alsiņa created beautiful moments on the piano and electronic timbres of Dāvids Kļaviņas UNA CORDA .

The surprise of the second day was the epic vinyl DJ set from OZOLS and DJ Dubra , which filled the dance floor with energy and unforgettable music until dawn! 03:25 DJ Dubra played "Saule, Pērkons, Daugava" by composer Mārtiņš Braun , which usually symbolizes DUNA Brewery that this is the last song! The visitors instantly turned into members of the choir. After the song they shouted together: "Repeat, repeat..."

Although Saturday's piano concert with Vestard Šimkus and Annika Lanka was canceled due to rain, DJ AG and DJ Raitis kept the energy high.

Thanks to the artists and our unforgettable team who worked and ensured the success of the festival.

The summer continues and so do the free open-air musical concerts:

28/07/23 at 22:00-01:00
Will Sonic DJ set "Homecoming Set"

05/08/23 20:00
Greg John with the band (LIVE MUSIC)

11/08/23 20:00
Group - "Out"

Brass Riot - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9uTCWXsa5c

More information will follow


Written by DUNA Brewery Admin